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Vinton Construction Company Safety Program

Andrew Adelman
Vinton Construction Company Safety Director

It is the policy of Vinton Construction Company to strive for the highest safety standards on all of our construction projects.  Through the direction of our company safety director, we strive to maintain safe working conditions, keep job sites as free from hazard as possible, and to comply affirmatively with all applicable Federal, State and local safety regulations.

Vinton Construction Company trains all employees and keeps them informed as to ongoing changes in safety related laws and issues.  Attendance at safety meetings is an employment requirement.  Supervisory personnel attend required safety seminars.  Failure to comply with any company related safety issues might result in dismissal.

Personal safety equipment such as hard hats, earplugs, protective eye wear, and reflective safety vests are supplied by Vinton Construction Company.  First Aid kits, fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment are also provided and located on the job site as well as in all the vehicles of all supervisory personnel.

Vinton Construction Company believes that safety does not occur by chance.  Safety requires the careful attention of all its employees.  Our company safety director implements all company safety policies and monitors them for compliance.